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Screen Saver Hot Hey
In th SETTING PAGES, choose Saver.
The default Hotkey is Ctrl + ~

You can either:

Disable JX PHOTO CLOCK can hide JX CLOCK and also disable you screen saver at the same time. You can click on the system tray icon on your task bar to show JX CLOCK again. Your screen saver will be restore, too.

This function is useful when you want to play VCD, Full screen game, or other TV program. It's also useful to those who have a CDR, you can disable clock and screen saver when you burn your CD.

Play MP3 sound file
First, you need a MP3 player program. If you don't have, try

After you install you MP3 player, you have to do the procedure below:

Now, you have you MP3 chime clock. Specify your MP3 file to any chime event, it will be played and stoped just like other WAV files.